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alrighty aphrodite

the cage you’ve built around your heart shields you from their lies, and lets you see every ulterior motive without any filter.Β Β  oh, honey, how foolish of them to thinkΒ  that they could break you, when you hadΒ  wandered through the pits of tartarus, andΒ  smiled at hades with lips colored in blood.Β  they mistook... Continue Reading →

learn to unlearn

i used to fantasize about "finding" my true self, as if she was the box of toys that's been in the attic for years now, or the worn out blue cardigan that rested at the bottom of my closet. there would be a great journey i'd have to go through, something out of a fairy... Continue Reading →

the one that got away

you look back on your poems, mortified at the thought of having filled pages upon pages about the same person. so you sit down, pen in hand, determined to be able to say that the words that are not about her, outweigh the ones that know of nothing but her smile, and the soft caress... Continue Reading →

love has 20/20 vision

there was once a sweet little girl who found joy in the sound of birds chirping, and felt an immense wave of sadness whenever she saw someone pluck a rose. the idea that someone could be so selfish, repulsed her young and naive self, and left her wondering why they'd ever want to deprive the... Continue Reading →

a walk down memory lane

nostalgia is a liar in the way it montages  our best memories, but if i could click rewind,  i’d do it only to relive everything all over again. i’d welcome all the terrible days with open arms,  if it meant i’d get to spend more time wandering in the bustling streets of shahre naw, exploring ... Continue Reading →

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