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alrighty aphrodite

the cage you’ve built around your heart
shields you from their lies, and lets you see
every ulterior motive without any filter.Β Β 

oh, honey, how foolish of them to thinkΒ 
that they could break you, when you hadΒ 
wandered through the pits of tartarus, andΒ 
smiled at hades with lips colored in blood.Β 

they mistook the warrior as a broken girl,Β 
but that was your disguise, wasn’t it?Β 
the finest warrior of ares, hiding behindΒ 
a facade that would make aphrodite proud.Β 

it becomes impossible for people to let you down,Β 
when you’ve already seen the monster in their soul,Β 
and the devil dancing in the fire of their eyes.

- beware, even salt looks like sugar

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